Soloist Dancer Yu Hui returns to dance in China for the first time

7 Apr

The Company has arrived safe and sound in Shenzhen, Brisbane’s Sister City. Tonight’s performance is a very special night for one of our Soloist Dancers, Yu Hui. Originally from Wen Zhou in China, Yu Hui left his family when he was 12 years old to begin his dance training at the Zhejiang Art School in Hangzhou.

Yu Hui, Soloist Dancer

In 2001 he was awarded a full scholarship to study at the New Zealand School of Dance for two years, after which he was offered a contact with the Royal New Zealand Ballet. He took up a contract with Singapore Dance Theatre during 2006 and in January 2007 joined Queensland Ballet.

Yu Hui is now dancing professionally in his home country for the first time, and tonight he will perform in front of his family for the first time since he started dancing. We chatted with with Yu Hui before he jetted off to China about how he was feeling….

How are you feeling about going on tour to your home country?

Great, very excited. I’ve never danced professionally in China before, so I’m really looking forward to it. I’m a bit worried about the cold weather though!

Yu Hui outside Qingdao Grand Theatre

Will your family be coming to watch you perform?

Yes. My mother, my sister and my nephew are coming to watch when we perform in Shenzhen. This will be the first time they’ve ever seen me dance professionally.

What can you tell us about ballet in China?

China has lots of different companies. Every company has a different style – the variety of styles is very eye opening, some are technical, some are contemporary and some are very musical.

What do you think Chinese audiences will make of The Little Mermaid?

A lot of the cities we’re going to aren’t as familiar with ballet as the bigger cities like Shanghai. But the story is very well known throughout China – I knew it when I was younger. I hope they like seeing it as a ballet.

Have you packed yet?

No….not yet.

What will be in your suitcase?

Warm clothes, 5 – 6 pairs of ballet shoes, leg warmers, trunk pants and some make up – mascara and foundation.

How will you keep your energy up during the tour?

The same way as every tour – I will look after myself. I have toured to Japan, Europe and Singapore and have learnt how to keep fit and healthy.

Last words?

All my life I’ve wanted to perform in China – that moment has arrived. I’m very excited. I’m also looking forward to exploring China – I’ve never been to any of the cities we are performing in.


One Response to “Soloist Dancer Yu Hui returns to dance in China for the first time”

  1. Naomi Klahn April 7, 2011 at 10:32 am #

    Chookas Yu Hui!
    I am so excited for you to be performing in front of your family.

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