News from QB’s debut performance in China

22 Mar

News has landed that the Company’s first three performances in China (two in Suzhou and one in Hefei) were a success! The dancers and crew travelled today to their third destination – Changzhou. Tomorrow they will bump in to Changzhou Grand Theatre and rehearse for their next performance on Thursday evening.

In the meantime let’s go back in time and hear about what the Company have been up to in Suzhou and Hefei. We’ve got quite a few photos and interesting posts to share with you. First up let’s hear from the crew’s perspective about how the Company’s debut performance in Suzhou went….Tomorrow we’ll hear from some of the dancers.

Cameron Goerg, Technical Whiz and star blogger

Friday 18 March

After a hectic couple of days getting everything set up, lights focused, sound checked, and dancers spaced, we rehearsed The Little Mermaid, then opened on Friday night.

Securing the lighting bars in Suzhou Grand Theatre

With Jodie Roche, our indomitable Stage manager keeping the show running, everything went to plan.

Our stage manager Jodie Roche with the theatre's epic sound console

Putting on a show in another country will always prove challenging, but when only three of your crew speak the local language, then things become a little more complicated… However our three crew, Rak, Ivan and Walter are fantastic and we couldn’t have survived without them.

Saturday 19 March

We finished our final show in Suzhou today, packed the truck and jumped straight on a train to Hefei.

The crew - Jodie, Frances, Walter & Rak

It’s currently raining and very smoggy, but the weather is a bit warmer, which is a nice reprieve before the temperatures drop again this week.


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  1. Ross Hardy March 26, 2011 at 6:28 pm #

    My swit wardrobe lady looks just as good on the web as in real life. Best wishes everyone.

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